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Learn Indonesian



I started to learn Bahasa Indonesia following the Fluent Forever technique:

Note that I didn’t read Fluent Forever, I am just using the “Toolbox” section at the end of the books which just tells me what to do (it’s only 1/7th of the whole book). I’m also using the fluent forever website for the words list, the image search and find ressources like the invaluable Forvo for word pronunciation.


50% of new words are hard now. I learnt 76 words total. The target is 130 words (20% of 650) to begin learning sentences. At the rate of 6 words per day, I’ll begin sentences in 9 days, or the 2nd of May (02-04-2018).


I added the new cards and studied upon waking and it was much easier than my usual 21h00.

Today I learnt the basic pronouns:

Now I just need numbers and I’ll be good to go for sentences. And with the sentences I’ll learn adverbs, prepositions, articles… which I don’t know yet, as well as verb or words conjugations.


I started sentences, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a creating exercise and then you check if it works. I like to try and say what I want, especially if I need to assemble words because I lack one word.


Adding sentences is time consuming, so I switched to an online lesson that includes lots of sentences and pronunciation exercises. Each lesson is ~1h, and there are 113 lessons, so that’s almost 4 month of practice.

For the new vocabulary, I’ve been using a downloaded 625 words anki deck for a few days now. It’s faster than adding new cards myself.

The lessons and cards have less personality but the mental barrier is almost non existent, I can jump right to learning now.


I am at lesson 08 on and it’s starting to get quite challenging. The audio exercise feature people talking quite fast and gluing their words together.

It’s a good thing that I am learning vocabulary on the side because it makes the lessons easier.


I took a ~10 day break from learning. I did my anki cards today and it was fine.

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