Corentin Derbré

Big Picture


Exercise my body, because I like it and to be healthy and strong.

Research and Development
Try new ideas and technologies, to learn and maybe lead to new projects!

Bring clarity by controlling some of the chaos, to make me faster and allow me to go where I couldn’t before. Website
Have an up to date website with what I do and write online, to meet other people and create an external memory.

Read Books
Read 3 books per month, to learn new ideas.


Cryptoforce, by 07-2018
Create a trading algorithm that generates more than 1k€ per month, to allow me to live and finance new projects.

Learn Python Js, by 08-2018
Learn python or javascript to a hacker level, to be ablel to create rough web apps.

Learn Indonesian, by 09-2018
Be able to communicate basically (A2 level), to bridge some cultural gaps with Felika and because it’s fun.

Math (Khan), by 09-2018
Achieve 100% on all Math subjects on Khanacademy, to read equations, have a grasp on probabilities and know a few finance/economics models.

Delegate, Recruit and Automate, by 09-2018
practice delegation, recruiting and automation, to be able to make bigger and better projects.

Worldly Wisdom, by 10-2018
Know and share online 90 pluridisciplinary mental models, to make better decisions.

A place to Live, by 12-2018
Live in Singapore, because I like Singapore and it will offer me new opportunities.

Aquathlon, by 12-2018
Race in an aquathlon, to push me to swim better and have a benchmark.

Startup, by 12-2018
Get a set of skills, to maybe start a Startup.

Shaders, by 12-2018
Be able to write: fluid sims, ray marching and fractals from memory and take part in a Showdown, to have fun!


New Game, by 01-2019
Create a new company with full setup, to create new games.

AngelInvesting, by 06-2019
Invest in 10 startups like a business angel, to help create the future and be exposed to revenue.

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