Corentin Derbré


Slipstream Time Hacking – Benjamin Hardy

ISBN: 0997071001
Date read: 2017-11-01
How strongly I recommend it: 6/10
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A really interesting concept that I personally experienced. However the book does not give real advice on how to use that time hacking method. Not specific enough. But it's a short read so it's ok.

my notes

Excess is a suppressant to abundance. Exclusivity and polarity is how to travel farther and slow time. We should have no more than four or ve key areas of our life. Choosing to relate deeply is fundamental to slowing time. Love is limitless. Rejection and ridicule are real barriers. To be authentic is to be vulnerable. The more important aspect of delegation is what we can do with the time we would have spent doing whatever it is we delegated. You will arrive at your desired destinations far quicker than you imagine. You can only slow your time by being present, living a life of congruence, and by choosing to relate on a trusting and vulnerable level with those you love. Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t want to switch places with.

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