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I Dropped Out to Learn

2019-01-22 00:00:00 +0800

I studied design and art for 4 years, got into 42, a programming school with no schedule, no teacher, no classroom, and studied at the Centre Michel Serres to design a boat of the future with a multidisciplinary team.

In 2016, I dropped out of all of these.

I wasn’t the best sudent during my studies. I was often absent, working on my projects, launching businesses, learning other skills and reading. It seems that some people link presence to skill, maybe they should try thinking the opposite. I still managed to pull some recognition, like having spots at important exhibitions, arriving in the top 3% during the 42 selection (one month of coding 24/7, while watching Rick & Morty, Mr Robot and the Ghost in the Shell series every night) or complete 6 month of art work in 5 days and receive congratulations. But I didn’t get my diploma form these schools (I have a few online diplomas).

I am grateful for the years that I spent there, even if I didn’t get the paper achievement. I learnt heavily about the world, and that’s already paid off much more than a diploma.

I never felt that I fitted the profile in all these establishement. I have lots of great friends form there, but I enjoy the diversity of different people. I wanted to learn more than just one thing.

To this day, no single university studying path seems right or complete, so I built my own curriculum over the years. I’m doing that mainly by:

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