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Gem Runner

2019-01-03 00:00:00 +0800

Gem Runner is a cookie clicker, but instead of clicking, you are supposed to run. You can play it on Windows for free:

I did this mainly to put my hands on the cookie clicker formula, linear gains for exponential costs.

Cost = Base Cost * Multiplier^{owned}​

Juiciness and transparency are extremely important.

Gem Runner game doesn’t display all the info regarding costs, production, etc, but it should. There are no reasons to not show that to the user, it just makes the thing more addictive.

Even though it was made quickly, the formula works.

While developing I couldn’t stop thinking that Slime Rancher might just be an advanced cookie clicker. Or even diablo games. Add randomness (in loot), juiciness (killing monsters), less exponentiality (still, going from level 1 to 2 is much faster than 60 to 61 in diablo games).

Many features could be added form exploration like treasure chests to finding new unlockable areas with better gems, or more space to build (if space is limited).

The forumla is a very powerful trick played on our brains. I’m glad I took some time to learn and use it, to see how its alterations are used in other games, and to use it in appropriate situations for my games.

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