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How I select books and movies

2018-05-29 00:00:00 +0800

When I hear about a book or a movie, I add it to a list.

When I hear about it a second time, it gets graded up (4 priority levels: p4, p3, p2, p1). If I really like the book or movie or it’s recomended by someone I respect when adding it I can choose to set the level I want.

At this step I watch the p1 movies. For the books, the selection continues.

I may look at the reviews (some low, some mid and some good ratings). I avoid books that are too new, to avoid “neomania”. I let time do the selection process for me.

I read the table of content.

Then I read it.

I’m not affraid to stop reading it if it’s bad. I can also skip chapters if they seem redundant or boring.

At any point I can override the system and watch/read whatever I want.

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