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Paying and voting with time

2019-01-01 00:00:00 +0800

It seems people don’t value time. Sometimes they do, like when they are bored. But the rest of the time, they don’t notice.

Unlike money, you can’t stop time to measure it, rewind or get more. You are it, now.

You have a limited quantity of it. Limited quantity certainly makes it have some value.

So every click, every random news, every lol picture that you watch is you paying with your time. You attribute the value of this moment to the thing you are doing.

But more than paying, everything that you do is you voting for more of that in the world. I believe that paying is voting.

Do your activities match with the world you want to live in? Are you voting for more wisdom, courage, kindness? Or are you voting for distraction, fake news, abuses?

All of your votes are recorded on internet now. You can’t see them easily, but they are here. They count.

Imagine that the president of the country you live in would be elected automatically based on how everybody spends their time. Your vote would be for the candidate who’s activities resemble yours most. Although this idea has a lot of flaws, it raises the question “should people necessarily do what they preach?”, which I would answer yes.

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